McAnelly & Friends Dorper & White Dorper Sale

2018 SALE – TBA


2017 McAnelly & Friends

Join us on Friday and Saturday, August 25th and 26th for McAnelly & Friends Annual Dorper and White Dorper Seminar, Social, and Sale. Hamilton Commission Company and Craig Jones of Capra Foods are joining Hamilton Sheep Station to put on a 2-day affair.

SEMINAR: Beginning at 2pm on Friday, August 25, 2017, we will have a Seminar which focuses on all the different lamb markets. Featured Speakers:

Bill Thompson – Assistant Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Managing Finances – Management Tools to increase your Flock’s Profit.

Laura Celella – North Texas Seed Stock Producer. Producing Quality Rams and Ewes for Breeding Purposes.

Lee Hawes – Kansas Commercial Producer, supplier to Craig Jones of Prime Fresh Foods, Inc. Improve your Commercial Flock Using Good Dorper Rams.

Coltin BlackProducing Show Market Lambs for 4-H and FFA Youth.

Sarah Fung – Small Producer. Selling Lambs Directly to the Consumer’s Table and/or Farmer’s Market.

Craig Jones – Owner, Prime Fresh Foods, Inc. Buying 90-110 lb. Lambs and Supplying Restaurants and Grocery Food Chains.

Derek Poe – General Manager of Hamilton Commission Company. Marketing your Sheep through Public Auction.

SOCIAL: At 7pm on Friday, August 25th, you are invited to join us for a social evening at one of the old farmsteads for Hamilton Sheep Station. There will be live music for entertainment. Then, a tasty supper will be provided by Capra Foods. Everyone should be in a good mood to catch up on some visiting. Please R.S.V.P. 254-372-3112 if you plan to attend the Social. Call Jolene if lost: 903-517-1722.

SALE: Then, on Saturday, August 26th, the Annual Dorper and White Dorper Sale will be held at Hamilton Commission Company beginning at 11am, starting with Commercial Ewes, then Registered Ewes, and followed by Registered Rams. According to last years statistical report, the 2016 sale was very well represented: 123 Active Buyers, 21 Out-of-State Buyers, and over 1,000 head of QUALITY Sheep ~ 800 Commercial Ewes (Top Ewe Sold for $625), 160 Registered Ewes (Top Ewe Sold for $4,900), and 40 Registered Rams (Top Ram Sold for $2,600).

2017 McAnelly Seminar Info

Commercial Consignments Include:

100 White Dorper Ewe Lambs – Turned McAnelly rams in on May 1st

250 White Dorper Ewe Lambs

200 White Dorper Ewe Lambs – all females are out of McAnelly Rams. ~130 ewes have been running with McAnelly Rams, ~60 will be open.

IMG_0059 IMG_0064 IMG_0065

50 Dorper Ewe Lambs – been running with McAnelly rams for 3 months.


40 Dorper & White Dorper Ewe Lambs

imagejpeg_0_1502915792043 imagejpeg_1_1502915792051

50 Dorper & White Dorper Ewe Lambs


25 Yearling White Dorper Ewes

25 Yearling Dorper Ewes

30 White Dorper Ewe Lambs – 80#

25 Baby Tooth Dorper Ewes

12 Dorper Ewe Lambs

10 2-3 Year Old Dorper Ewes

25 Dorper Ewes

10 White Dorper Ewe Lambs

15 White Dorper Ewes

12 Ewes

McAnelly & Friends Market Report


McAnelly & Friends

McAnelly & Friends Seminar

We are expecting ~100+ Registered Ewes, ~40 Registered Rams and 400-500 commercial ewes.

It’s going to be a great sale!

Here are some of the FRIENDS that have consigned to the sale:

Wayne & Cheryl Cash
Dave & Lauri Celella
Huntis Black
Philip & Kay Davis
Wesley Glass
James Hurst
Sharon Holman
Claire Powell
Vince Kirchner
Judy McDonald
Jason & Patty Partin
Glenn Stegemoller
Monroe Schultz
Glenn & Linda Taylor

Edie McDaniel
Woody Family
Bille & Elaine Watson
Marie Iiams, Missouri
John Holiday, Kentucky
Tommy Smith, Georgia

Dr. Phillip Padgett, Kentucky

Fall 2015 Registered White Dorper Ewes Consigned by Dr. Alan McAnelly

13668882_600413406786166_570258488476383063_o 13950686_309434232742807_1811767001_o

Spring 2016 Registered White Dorper Ewe Lambs – Consigned by Dr. Alan McAnelly

13950859_309434412742789_823036975_o 13977822_309434152742815_1591554721_o 14002308_309434292742801_1916993335_o 14002534_309434366076127_314184960_o

61 Registered White Dorper Ewes consigned by Dr. Phillip Padgett

61 Reg White Dorper Ewes

~100 Fancy, bred commercial ewes

13987304_311021419250755_435223342_o 14012522_311021302584100_1936684031_o 13950984_311021512584079_1134556647_o

~ 50 Commercial Ewes – some heavy bred, some with lambs @ their side

13912494_604296623064511_8321699180516847799_n 14021655_604296589731181_1216688641908119207_n 14040046_604296576397849_7299845719896180628_n

20 Commercial White Dorper Fall Ewes – Exposed April 1st- June 1st

Glass1 Glass2

20 Commercial White Dorper Ewe Lambs

14141722_606924332801740_6448686122109539688_n 14124912_606924356135071_1074868489756441915_o 14067855_606924389468401_4078576229612806072_o