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Market Reports

** The parasites will be bad this year due to the wet weather. Be sure to deworm your animals! Prohibit works well on sheep & goats. Give them 10cc 3 days in a row.  (Note: Shake well before administering!)

Sheep & Goat Sale Results

Sale Date: 5/18/15 Head Count: 2061  
Slaughter Kids     Wool Lambs    
Feeder: (20-40lbs) 240-290 CWT Feeder: (20-40 lbs) 180-210 CWT
Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 250-315 CWT Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 170-210 CWT
Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 190-290 CWT Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 120-140 CWT
Fancy Up To 500 CWT      
Slaughter Nannies     Ewes    
Thin: 40-70 HD Stocker: NT CWT
Med: 80-125 HD Slaughter: 40-85 CWT
Fleshy: 190-290 HD     CWT
      Dorper Lambs    
Boer & Boer Cross     Feeder: (20-40 lbs) 180-240 CWT
Replacement     Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 180-210 CWT
Nannies     Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 140-160 CWT
Med Quality: 150-200 HD      
Choice Quality: 250-300 HD Dorper    
      Ewes: 75-200 HD
Spanish Boer &     Bucks: 90-90 HD
Boer Cross Billies          
Slaughter: 140-200 CWT Barbadoes    
Breeding: NT HD Lambs: 180-210 CWT
      Ewes: 60-135 HD
      Bucks: 75-475 HD
      Kids: Steady  
      Nannies: $20 Higher  
      Wool Lambs Steady  
      Dorper Lambs Steady  
      BBD Lambs: Steady  
      Ewes: $10 Lower  
*HD=per head          
*CWT=per hundred weight          

The prices quoted in this market report are the top of the market and range down from this according to quality, condition, and fill.

We had a steady market on 123 head. The market seems to have found steady ground for the last few weeks. There have been some ups and downs, but not a lot of movement either way. This is good for everyone! The buyers can plan on expenses and the seller can plan their income. Packer bulls were up at least $2.00 this week, but all other classes were steady. If you have cattle to sell, give us a call!

Cattle Sale Results

Sale Date: 5/19/15 Head Count: 123  
No 1 Steers     Cow & Calf Pairs    
200-300 lb: NT CWT Choice: NT PR
300-400 lb: 265-310 CWT Med Quality: NT PR
400-500 lb: 191-250 CWT Aged: NT PR
500-600lb: 210-231 CWT      
600-700 lb: 195-212 CWT Bred Cows    
700 lb & up: 166-178 CWT Choice: NT HD
      Med Quality: NT HD
No 1 Heifers     Aged: NT HD
200-300 lb: NT CWT      
300-400 lb: NT CWT Trends    
400-500 lb: 222-252 CWT Stocker Steers: Steady  
500-600 lb: 201-211 CWT Feeder Steers: Steady  
600-700 lb: 194-205 CWT Stocker Heifers: Steady  
700 lb & up: 156-197 CWT Feeder Heifers: Steady  
      Packer Cows: Steady  
Packer Cows     Packer Bulls: $2 Higher  
High Yield: NT CWT Cow & Calf Pairs: NT  
Med Yield: 115-126 CWT Bred Cows: Steady  
Low Yield: 105-112 CWT      
Packer Bulls          
High Yield: 135-152 CWT      
Low Yield NT CWT      
*HD=per head          
*CWT=per hundred weight