Market Reports


Sheep & Goat Sale Results

Sale Date: 12/15/14 Head Count: 2674  
Slaughter Kids     Wool Lambs    
Feeder: (20-40lbs) 220-270 CWT Feeder: (20-40 lbs) NT CWT
Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 210-255 CWT Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 160-240 CWT
Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 190-200 CWT Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 130-170 CWT
Slaughter Nannies     Ewes    
Thin: 50-70 HD Stocker: NT CWT
Med: 80-140 HD Slaughter: 60-100 CWT
Fleshy: 160-180 HD      
      Dorper Lambs    
Boer & Boer Cross     Feeder: (20-40 lbs) 180-280 CWT
Replacement     Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 180-260 CWT
Nannies     Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 140-220 CWT
Med Quality: 150-175 HD      
Choice Quality: 175-200 HD Dorper    
      Ewes: 75-200 HD
Spanish Boer &     Bucks: 90-110 CWT
Boer Cross Billies          
Slaughter: 160-200 CWT Barbadoes    
Breeding: 400-500 HD Lambs: 180-260 CWT
      Ewes: 60-125 HD
      Bucks: 75-350 HD
      Kids: $5 Lower  
      Nannies: $10 Higher  
      Wool Lambs Steady  
      Dorper Lambs Steady  
      BBD Lambs: $10 Higher  
      Ewes: Steady  

We had a short run of 61 hd. Our market was $3-$8 lower on almost all the weight classes on steers and heifers. The futures market has been “limit down” ($3.00 per 100#) every day since Dec. 10th. It has lost around $30.00 in the last 3 weeks. I don’t think this is a permanent thing but it is real right now. There will not be any more sales until after the first of the year. This could help stabilize the market and get it back the same. We may not see it as high as it was but I think it will gain some back. There are a lot of things that are happening in the world that is effecting the cattle market…cheap oil, lower stock market and lower demand for beef. The lower demand is partly due to the up coming holidays. Hopefully some of these factors will correct themselves after New Years. Our next sale will be Jan. 6th, 2015.


Have a Happy Holidays!!




Cattle Sale Results

Sale Date: 12/09/14 Head Count: 108  
No 1 Steers     Cow & Calf Pairs    
200-300 lb: NT CWT Choice: NT PR
300-400 lb: 257-302 CWT Med Quality: NT PR
400-500 lb: 253-287 CWT Aged: NT PR
500-600lb: 233-243 CWT      
600-700 lb: 213-236 CWT Bred Cows    
700 lb & up: 165-200 CWT Choice: NT HD
      Med Quality: 1610-2150 HD
No 1 Heifers     Aged: NT HD
200-300 lb: NT CWT      
300-400 lb: NT CWT Trends    
400-500 lb: 239-300 CWT Stocker Steers: Steady  
500-600 lb: 225-290 CWT Feeder Steers: Steady  
600-700 lb: 205-227 CWT Stocker Heifers: Steady  
700 lb & up: 207-220 CWT Feeder Heifers: Steady  
      Packer Cows: Steady  
Packer Cows     Packer Bulls: Steady  
High Yield: NT CWT Cow & Calf Pairs: Steady  
Med Yield: 107-114 CWT Bred Cows: Steady  
Low Yield: 101-104 CWT      
Packer Bulls          
High Yield: NT CWT      
Low Yield 120-135 CWT