Market Reports


Sheep & Goat Sale Results

Sale Date: 1/26/15 Head Count: 1736  
Slaughter Kids     Wool Lambs    
Feeder: (20-40lbs) 200-315 CWT Feeder: (20-40 lbs) NT CWT
Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 200-270 CWT Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 180-250 CWT
Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) NT CWT Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 140-160 CWT
Slaughter Nannies     Ewes    
Thin: 50-70 HD Stocker: NT CWT
Med: 80-125 HD Slaughter: 70-105 CWT
Fleshy: 150-175 HD      
      Dorper Lambs    
Boer & Boer Cross     Feeder: (20-40 lbs) 200-270 CWT
Replacement     Light Slaughter: (40-70 lbs) 180-260 CWT
Nannies     Heavy Slaughter: (70 lbs & up) 140-180 CWT
Med Quality: 125-160 HD      
Choice Quality: 175-225 HD Dorper    
      Ewes: 75-200 HD
Spanish Boer &     Bucks: 90-110 CWT
Boer Cross Billies          
Slaughter: 100-145 CWT Barbadoes    
Breeding: NT HD Lambs: 170-240 CWT
      Ewes: 50-125 HD
      Bucks: 100-500 HD
      Kids: Steady  
      Nannies: $10 Higher  
      Wool Lambs Steady  
      Dorper Lambs $10 Higher  
      BBD Lambs: Steady  
      Ewes: Steady  
*HD=per head          
*CWT=per hundred weight          

The prices quoted in this market report are the top of the market and range down from this according to quality, condition, and fill.

Our market was down from $-5-$15 . Hopefully we have found the bottom of the market. The futures market has came up some and so has oil. We’ve had some moisture and with some sunshine we could see the winter grass begin to grow. It won’t hurt the grain fields either. If you have cattle to sell give us a call.

Cattle Sale Results

Sale Date: 1/27/15 Head Count: 190  
No 1 Steers     Cow & Calf Pairs    
200-300 lb: NT CWT Choice: NT PR
300-400 lb: 165-312 CWT Med Quality: NT PR
400-500 lb: 121-257 CWT Aged: 1700-2000 PR
500-600lb: 120-249 CWT      
600-700 lb: 117-230 CWT Bred Cows    
700 lb & up: 145-198 CWT Choice: NT HD
      Med Quality: 9610-2450 HD
No 1 Heifers     Aged: NT HD
200-300 lb: 250-295 CWT      
300-400 lb: 215-280 CWT Trends    
400-500 lb: 131-236 CWT Stocker Steers: $10-$15 Down  
500-600 lb: 185-214 CWT Feeder Steers: $5-$8 Down  
600-700 lb: 145-205 CWT Stocker Heifers: $10-$15 Down  
700 lb & up: 168-180 CWT Feeder Heifers: $8-$10 Down  
      Packer Cows: Steady  
Packer Cows     Packer Bulls: NT  
High Yield: NT CWT Cow & Calf Pairs: Steady  
Med Yield: 105-127 CWT Bred Cows: Steady  
Low Yield: 87-107 CWT      
Packer Bulls          
High Yield: NT CWT      
Low Yield NT CWT      
*HD=per head          
*CWT=per hundred weight