Special Consignments

Coming Tuesday, September 12th:

Fancy, Fancy, Fancy!!! Check out this set of reputation Beefmaster calves coming Tuesday, September 12th off the Baird Ranches. These heifers are the front pasture type…. solid colored and plenty of leather. The big boned, tight sheathed steer mates would make a good set of stockers to turn out on winter wheat or you can send them straight to the feed yard. Most of these calves will weigh from 500#-625# and the heifers can be papered as registered Beefmasters at the buyer’s expense. There will be 8-10 bred Beefmaster cows coming as well. Call Derek at 254-386-6852 with any questions or come see us Tuesday!! Cow sale starts at noon.

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Coming Monday, Sep 18th:

250 Black Spanish Kids off 1 ranch – ~125 of these will be nanny kids!

Country Sales:

Ranch Sell Out – 250 Black Spanish Nannies – Yearlings to Running Age – $200/hd – Call Randy for more information. 254/977-2382

IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2158


Start Up Opportunity – 10 Dorper Ewes from yearlings to solid mouths that have been running with a Dorper Ram. The 10 ewes and the ram sell as a set. (11 head) $2,500.00 firm.
Call Randy for more info or to buy! 254/977-2382


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